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Get ready to experience the most epic event of the year -
"The Wealthy Women's Getaway: Unleash Your Inner Mogul!"

Join this lavish, empowering escape to the dominican republic that's designed to take you from boss babe to mogul status!

Tropical Vacation Home
Wealthy Women's Getaway Logo.png

Dominican Republic October 26 - 30, 2023

Ladies, I know you've been hustling hard, stacking those six to seven figures, and making boss moves in your business.

But guess what?

There's always room for growth, and I've got just the thing to help you level up without sacrificing all the fun and fabulousness in your life!


Palm trees swaying, crystal-clear blue waters, and the ultimate luxurious escape where brunches, day parties, and R&B music mix with serious business growth. It's about to be LIT!

Getaway Retreat House


From the moment you step foot into this getaway, you'll be surrounded by like-minded women who are ready to shake the world and secure the bag!

During this unforgettable event, we're gonna dive deep, honey. We're gonna tap into your inner mogul and unload your inner greatness.


We've got a lineup of business building strategies for you to takeaway.  be ready babe, because i'm going to spill all of the secrets you need to know if you want to grow. i'll teach you the exact strategies i used to build my empire from the ground up.


during this retreat you'll experience:

Getaway Retreat House Evening

OCTOBER 19 - 22 

Level Up without
burning out

Wealthy Women Staircase

girl, You've built your business into a mini-empire.

But here's the thing: You're ready for that next level, that big breakthrough. You know there's more to achieve, but the thought of growing brings up a whole lot of anxiety.


Can you relate, babe? I've been there too!

This retreat is your ticket to scaling your business like a boss while maintaining your peace of mind and creating the lifestyle you've always dreamed of.

So, let's break it down, ladies. Here are the fabulous features and benefits of this retreat that'll have you feeling like a million bucks:


Booming Secrets


that Empower


Lifestyle Creation

Learn proven strategies from successful entrepreneurs who have already conquered the challenges you're facing. Gain invaluable insights on scaling your business, attracting high-paying clients, and maximizing your profits. Say goodbye to anxiety and hello to abundant growth.

Discover how to set clear boundaries in your business and personal life to protect your time, energy, and mental well-being. Learn effective techniques to say no, delegate effectively, and reclaim your power. It's time to prioritize your needs and create a work-life balance that's truly fulfilling.

Enjoy morning and afternoon workshops that will help you elevate your mindset, enhance your productivity, and align your business with your desired lifestyle. Pamper yourself with rejuvenating spa sessions, delicious cuisine, and unforgettable nightlife activities.

Agenda for the Fabulous Boss Retreat: Let's Get It, Queens!


Q: When and where is this epic retreat?

A: We're taking over the stunning Dominican Republic for 5 days and 4 nights of pure boss babe magic in October.

Q: Who is this retreat for, Tee?

A: This retreat is exclusively for fierce black women entrepreneurs like you, who've already hit six to seven figures and are ready to soar higher without the anxiety holding you back.

Q: What's included in the retreat package, hun?

A: Your retreat package includes opulent accommodations fit for a queen, mouthwatering meals that'll satisfy your taste buds, all the materials you'll need for the workshops, access to top-notch business coaches, blissful spa sessions, and nights filled with unforgettable experiences.

Q: How many spots are available?

A: We're keeping it exclusive, darling. Spots are limited to 8 mogul mamas, ensuring an intimate and impactful experience for every boss babe. Don't sleep on it—grab your spot now!

Q: Are there options for payment plans?

A: yes.  there are two payment plan options. 

1) you can pay over three months without a credit check
2) you can leverage our partnership with paypal to pay over six months with no interest (credit check required)

Remember, babe, you're never alone on this journey. Together, we'll slay and conquer. Don't miss your chance to make history and become the ultimate boss babe you were born to be.

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